Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Hey guys remember when I told you I made my own shoes well this is a small viewing of some of the shoes I have made thus far!!!

First Pair ever!!! Pretty much wear em with everything lol!!!

And these are my galaxy shoes that I made (yes they do glow in the dark!!!)

Tribal print shoes I made (and I even made little mustaches to go with them lol)

shoes I made for my schools homecoming (#PVNation) purple and gold!! And oh how they sparkled..until I wore them to a party and ruined them...:(

I made these babies for my bestest friend in the whole wide world and in the second picture she made my shoes (to the right) and I love them soooo much <3. I had a super duper funtastic time making them with her!!! All this was done with puffy paint by the way.

And the last pair so far are these shoes my floral shoes which I took a nice floral pattern and hand painted it on to the shoes and then I finished by painting the lining pink!!!

People keep asking me if I sell these puppies and I haven't really thought of it but I could...what do you think???

D.I.Y Galaxy Sweatshirt

Ok guys so I know I post every blue moon..bbbbbuuuuttt i'm in college and i'm an Architecture major so cut me a little slack ok lol I will post whenever I can!!!! And today I will be showing you a D.I.Y on a Galaxy Sweatshirt I decided I was gonna do with a sweatshirt I got thrifting!!!

-blue, red, pink, silver, gold, white,black acrylic paints
and because I love to glow in the dark glow in the dark paint!
-paint brushes (for splattering)
-bleach and water mixture( not pictured)
-sponges (not pictured)

First I started with a plain navy blue sweatshirt that I got from my favorite thrift store for 25 cents that's right 25 CENTS!!! Anyways I didn't notice the stain on it until later...not a horrible stain but a stain non the less. So I decided to do something with it!!! First I started by cutting off the collar and the bottom band for a looser fit. Whatever feels right for you just go for it!!!
Ok no I didn't know how to rotate the picture but you get the drift I LOVE JESUS so I decided to put a cross on my sweatshirt I used a tape I don't know the name of and tape the cross the size I wanted (note: you do not need a cross, I just wanted one!!!) But the tape was used to keep the bleach from changing the color of this part.

Okay I started with spraying the bleach solution on the sweatshirt (do in an area with alot of ventilation)
the solution is 1 part bleach 2 parts water and of course if you want a more as I call it "harsh" galaxy...More Bleach!!! This is the beginning of my galaxy after only a few minutes.

and this is after 30 min!!!

and this is the back!!! (Yay me!!! lol)

Now this is the front I cut up sponges (seen in the right corner lol)
and started mixing the paints (red and blue) purple, then I sponged on the Gold and Silver with the pink closest to the galaxy.

And after the front dried I pulled of the tape and painted the empty blue space black!

And in case you wanted to see it this is the back!!!

And this is ME in the finished product (in the architecture building lol)!!! as you can see I splattered white paint mixed with the glow paint so I do glow in the dark and i did have to cover the cross back up with the same tape to keep it from getting white on it. I also bought some spikes from Studs and and they were amazing and inexpensive and they made a really nice touch!!! So make sure to comment below and tell me what you think!!!!