Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Forever In A Day

I am so excited to be starting this blog and hope to become an above average blogger lol! Lets get the basics out of the way shall we. My name is Jordan and I hail from the great state of Texas and I reside in the best city therin Houston!!! I am am an "all natur-al girl" just meaning my hair (I by no means am a vegetarian hehe). I love to do a great many things such as; thrifting, refashioning, sewing, sculpting, designing my own shoes, making hair bows, reading, painting, architecture, going to church, and a host of other varies things that are escaping my mind at the moment!!!! Through this blog I hope to show you the world through my eyes, maybe learn to post tutorials and do a host of other things so stay tuned and subscribe!!!!!!

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